(SOLD) Mon State Burmese Buddha Statue 23"
Close (SOLD) Mon State Burmese Buddha Statue 23"
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(SOLD) Mon State Burmese Buddha Statue 23" Item #1bw4

Materials: Hand Painted Teak Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Myanmar (Burma)

Height: 23 inches

Width: 9 inches

Depth: 9.5 inches

Weight: 15 pounds

Statue Sold

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This beautifully carved Burmese wood Buddha statue is partially covered with gold pigment, this Buddha with His rounded face, ornate earrings, narrow band separating the forehead from the crown, and a lotus bud finial atop the ushnisha is typical of Mon state Burmese Buddhas. This Buddha sits atop a double lotus throne with prominently carved petals. Lord Buddha is seated with his right hand in the "earth touching" bhumisparsa mudra also known as "calling the earth to witness," which represents the moment when Lord Buddha, seated in meditation under the Bodhi tree on the eve of enlightenment, is challenged by the demon Mara.

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