(SOLD) Khmer Angkor Queen Indradevi Brass Statue 18"
Close (SOLD) Khmer Angkor Queen Indradevi Brass Statue 18"
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(SOLD) Khmer Angkor Queen Indradevi Brass Statue 18" Item #1cb3

Materials: Brass (Laiton)

Origin: Hand Made in Cambodia

Height: 18 inches

Width: 7.5 inches

Depth: 8.5 inches

Weight: 32 pounds

Statue Sold

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King Jayavarman VII married Jayarajadevi and then, after her death, married her sister Indradevi.  The two women are commonly thought to have been a great inspiration to him, particularly in his unusual devotion to Buddhism, as only one prior Khmer king was a Buddhist.  Jayavarman VII is generally considered by historians the most powerful Khmer monarch of all time.

In 12th century Southeast Asia the Khmer civilization brought education, health, spirituality and enlightenment to the masses.  Two women, King Jayavarman VII's queens, played critical roles in the kingdom's expansion and success.

Together, this royal trio made some of the most important contributions to Khmer heritage.

First, they built unique temples throughout Southeast Asia; Buddhist monuments and public structures that to this day bless Cambodia with cultural heritage.  Second, the enlightened trio implement social systems in the 12th century that we still strive for today.  While Europe was in the Dark Ages, these rulers gave their subjects (men and women alike) the right to education, property ownership, political power and public healthcare.  While most contemporary social programs come into existence through the struggles or revolutions of the people these changes came from the royals themselves.

This is why to this day there is clear public respect for the King and his Queens throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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