(RESERVED) Meditating Soapstone Cambodian Buddha Statue 9"
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    (RESERVED) Meditating Soapstone Cambodian Buddha Statue 9" Item #1cm9

    Materials: Soapstone, Steatite

    Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

    Height: 9 inches, 22.86 cm

    Width: 7 inches, 17.78 cm

    Depth: 3 inches, 7.62 cm

    Weight: 6 pounds

    Price: $185

    Sale Price: $166


    This Buddha has a distinct Cambodian style. Lord Buddha is seated in dhyana asana, the meditative pose also called padmasana. His hands are in dhyana mudra which is the mudra of meditation. It is also called samadhi or yoga mudra. He is seated on a throne with a double lotus base. Lord Buddha is depicted with heavy eyelids that evoke a mood of introspection and detachment, enhanced by the hint of a smile on the full lips. The distended earlobes, a legacy of Prince Siddhartha's discarding his heavy gold jewelry further indicates the Buddha's enlightened status. A simple yet elegant carving. It is unpolished and thus has a matte finish.

    Soapstone also known as "steatite" or "soaprock" is a stone which is notable for its high degree of resistance to heat. In Cambodia, soapstone, which mostly comes from the province of Pursat (in the western part of the country) has been used to carve religious effigies since the 17th century. Any variation in the color of the stone is inherent to the very nature of the material, its array varies from yellow-green to gray and deep purple.

    This sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

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