(SOLD) Samadhi Mudra Buddha Statue 11"
Close (SOLD) Samadhi Mudra Buddha Statue 11"
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(SOLD) Samadhi Mudra Buddha Statue 11" Item #4b16

Materials: Crocodile Wood, Zanthoxylum Rhetsa

Origin: Hand Carved in Bali

Height: 11 inches

Width: 9 inches

Depth: 6 inches

Weight: 4 pounds

Statue Sold

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Lord Buddha is seated in dhyana mudra, the mudra of meditation, concentration and of attainment of spiritual perfection.

It is assumed to be the mudra the Buddha adopted when meditating and reaching enlightment under the pipal tree.

Also known as samadhi mudra, this gesture has been adopted since time immemorial by yogis during concentration and meditation excercises.  Indicating perfect balance of thought, rest of senses and tranquility.

The position of the Samadhi mudra as seen in this piece with the joined thumbs forming a triangle is symbolic of the Triratna (Three Jewels) namely the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Crocodile Wood or Satin Wood; Zanthoxylum rhetsa: The Indonesian name, panggal buaya, literally translates to crocodile teeth, referring to the knobby, tooth-shaped protrusions which cover the trunk. Native to lowlands from India to the Philippines, crocodile wood is usually white in color, some pieces have narrow, dark stripes. The heart is sometimes purple. The grain is straight and easy to carve and the wood is of medium hardness. Older trees produce darker wood than younger ones and the higher up in the tree, the lighter the color. Crocodile wood is often called the ivory of woods because of its similar color and smooth finish.

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the artists of Bali, Indonesia.  Every piece is truly unique!

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