(SOLD) Protection Gesture Wooden Buddha Statue 48"
Close (SOLD) Protection Gesture Wooden Buddha Statue 48"
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(SOLD) Protection Gesture Wooden Buddha Statue 48" Item #4c109

Materials: Monkey Pod Wood, Samanea Saman

Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

Height: 48 inches, 121.92 cm

Width: 14 inches, 35.56 cm

Depth: 7 inches, 17.78 cm

Weight: 27 pounds

Statue Sold

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Lord Buddha's hand is held up in abhaya mudra also known as the gesture of protection. The ushnisha, protuberance above his head also referred to as a topknot, symbolizes His wisdom and openness as an enlightened being. The Buddha is always depicted with elongated earlobes, a vestige of his life as a prince, when he wore extravagant jewelry.

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of the beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia.

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