Khmer Wood Buddha Statue 13"
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    Khmer Wood Buddha Statue 13" Item #5ts49

    Materials: Padauk Wood, Pterocarpus Soyauxii

    Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

    Height: 13 inches, 33.02 cm

    Width: 9 inches, 22.86 cm

    Depth: 4.5 inches, 11.43 cm

    Weight: 5 pounds

    Price: $140

    Sale Price: $126


    Lord Buddha is seated in dhyana mudra, the mudra of meditation, concentration and of attainment of spiritual perfection.

    It is assumed to be the mudra the Buddha adopted when meditating and reaching enlightenment under the pipal tree.

    Also known as samadhi mudra, this gesture has been adopted since time immemorial by yogis during concentration and meditation excercises indicating perfect balance of thought, rest of senses and tranquility.

    This beautiful Cambodian Buddha statue is carved out of padauk wood. It has a very unique reddish orange coloration, and the wood is sometimes referred to by the name vermillion.

    This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

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