(SOLD) Samadhi Mudra Buddha Statue 8"
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    (SOLD) Samadhi Mudra Buddha Statue 8" Item #5ts9

    Materials: Macassar Ebony Wood, Diospyros Celebica

    Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

    Height: 8 inches, 20.32 cm

    Width: 6 inches, 15.24 cm

    Depth: 3 inches, 7.62

    Weight: 1 pounds

    Statue Sold

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    This serene Buddha statue is seated in dhyana mudra which is the mudra of meditation. It is also called samadhi or yoga mudra.

    Lord Buddha is seated in dhyana asana, the meditative pose also called padmasana.

    This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

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