(SOLD) Amitabha Buddha Statue 13"
Close (SOLD) Amitabha Buddha Statue 13"
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(SOLD) Amitabha Buddha Statue 13" Item #7n56

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Od Dpag Med

Height: 13 inches

Width: 8.5 inches

Depth: 5 inches

Weight: 7 pounds

Statue Sold

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Amitabha is the most ancient Buddha among the Dhyani Buddhas. He is seated in a meditative position. Through his knowledge of discriminative wisdom, a Bodhisattva understands the empty nature of all sentient beings and develops great compassion for them. This is the dhyana or meditation of Buddha Amitabha.

Buddha Amitabha is shown seated in a meditative position in dhyana mudra. The whole of the right hand is cradled by the left with an alms bowl on his two palms. Here the hand gesture, representing meditative equipoise, represents the unity of wisdom and compassion.

He is seated on a single lotus base, the arch is decorated with conch shells; a symbol of the proclamation of the Buddha's teachings. The conch symbolizes the truth of the Dharma. He is dressed in clothes of royalty. The protuberance on the top of his head denotes superb mental acuity and his long earlobes denote superb perception.

The base of the piece is sealed with a double vajra symbolizing the balance of the four elements and harmony of the four directions.

There are 2 separate pieces to this statue: the Buddha and the arch.

This sculpture was individually handcrafted in Patan, Nepal by master artisans of the Shakya clan who are considered among the best in the world. These craftsmen are the modern heirs to a centuries-old tradition of creating sacred art for use in temples and monasteries. The fine metalworking techniques have been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times.

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