Crowned Jambupati Burmese Buddha Statue 20"
Close Crowned Jambupati Burmese Buddha Statue 20"
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Crowned Jambupati Burmese Buddha Statue 20" Item #1bw3

Materials: Teak Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Myanmar (Burma)

Height: 20 inches, 50.8 cm

Width: 10 inches, 25.4 cm

Depth: 7 inches, 17.78 cm

Weight: 8.5 pounds

Price: $675

Sale Price: $607


This beautiful antique crowned Buddha statue is notable for its large head that rests on a very short neck. A headband supports a very elaborate crown that is half the size of its body. The crown is composed of circlets of foliage which enclose a large finial that derives from art in Pagan (or Bagan) Myanmar which was inspired by Pala period art.

Lord Buddha is seated in padmasana with the right hand in the bhumisparsa mudra (earth touching gesture). The Buddha rest on a double lotus throne.

This crowned Buddha statue is referred to as Jambupati in Southeast Asia after a legend that does not appear to be part of the Indian Pali canon (Theravada Buddhist tradition). The story tells of Jambupati, an overly ambitious ruler who intimidated the monarchs of neighboring states until he was humbled and converted by the Buddha, who appeared before him resplendently attired and bejeweled as a powerful universal conqueror (cakkavatti).

This one of a kind statue was hand carved by a very talented artist in the beautiful country of Myanmar (Burma). Every piece is truly unique!

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