Earth Touching Gesture Cambodian Buddha Statue
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Earth Touching Gesture Cambodian Buddha Statue Item #1c69

Materials: Hand Painted Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

Height: 26 inches, 66.04 cm

Width: 19 inches, 48.26 cm

Depth: 11 inches, 27.94 cm

Weight: 27 pounds

Price: $840

Sale Price: $756


This hand carved Cambodian Buddha is seated in the 'earth touching' gesture or 'earth witness' also known as bhumisparsha mudra. This gesture is performed by extending the right hand downwards to touch the ground with its fingertips. It symbolizes the precise moment when the awakening Buddha, Shakyamuni, vanquished the army of Mara beneath the bodhi tree and summoned the goddess of the earth, Sthavara, to bear witness to his countless acts of sacrifice. Shakyamuni Buddha is commonly represented upon his enlightenment throne with his right hand touching the earth, and his left hand resting upon his lap in the gesture of meditation. This symbolizes the union of his method or skillful means in overcoming Mara (right hand), through the perfect wisdom of his deep meditation upon emptiness (left hand).

The art of wood sculpture goes back to the glorious epoch of the Khmer empire and the monumental constructions that gave rise to the Angkor temples. Our artisans have inherited patience and meticulousness from their ancestors in the trade. They have learned to capture the movements used in olden times and master the traditional tools in order adapt to their personal lines of work.

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of the beautiful country of Cambodia.

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