Antique Earth Touching Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue 15 1/2"
Close Antique Earth Touching Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue 15 1/2"
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Antique Earth Touching Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue 15 1/2" Item #1mw13

Materials: Bronze

Origin: Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

Height: 15.5 inches, 39.37 cm

Width: 12 inches, 30.48 cm

Depth: 9 inches, 22.86 cm

Weight: 15 pounds

Price: $720

Sale Price: $648


Lord Buddha wears a monk’s robe, the border of which falls over his left arm. He has a peaceful countenance with downcast introspective eyes. His earlobes are stretched long from a youth spent as a prince wearing heavy gold earrings. Lord Buddha is seated on a throne decorated with a single row of lotus flowers on the front of the base.

The fingers of his right hand are slightly touching the ground, this hand gesture, also known as bhumisparsha mudra represents the subduing of Mara (a demon) who attacked Buddha with violent storms and three seductive daughters. Remaining steadfast, the Buddha testified to his meritorious past by pointing to the earth and calling the Earth Goddess as witness.

Rising from the ground the Earth Goddess wrings the water from her long black hair. By doing so, she raises a torrential flood that drowns Mara and his army of demons. The earth touching gesture reflects this story symbolizing enlightenment, as well as steadfastness and the Buddha’s achievement of nirvana.

The peaceful countenance of Lord Buddha exudes harmony. The perfect Buddha statue to bring serenity to your home, office or sacred space!

This one of a kind statue was hand made by a very talented artist in the beautiful country of Myanmar (Burma). Every piece is truly unique!

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