Burmese Wooden Buddha Panel 18"
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    Burmese Wooden Buddha Panel 18" Item #1mw24

    Materials: Teak Wood with Glass Mosaic

    Origin: Hand Carved in Myanmar (Burma)

    Height: 18 inches, 45.72 cm

    Width: 12 inches, 30.48 cm

    Depth: 1 inch, 2.54 cm

    Weight: 4 pounds

    Price: $210

    Sale Price: $189


    This Buddha panel is made from one piece of wood inlaid with glass mosaic, there is a hook on its back enabling the panel to be hung on a wall. The Buddha's face is the focal point of any Buddha sculpture. Through his peaceful eyes the soul of the Buddha is expressed. By focusing solely upon the face, this hand carved wood panel demonstrates the quiet, tranquil nature of the Buddha.

    This sculpture is entirely hand-crafted and painted in rural villages in Myanmar. Every piece is truly unique!

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