Life Size Burmese Buddha Statue 74"
Close Life Size Burmese Buddha Statue 74"
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Life Size Burmese Buddha Statue 74" Item #1mw25

Materials: Hand Painted Teak Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Myanmar (Burma)

Height: 74 inches

Width: 31 inches

Depth: 12 inches

Weight: 140 pounds

Price: $6600

Sale Price: $5940


This is a beautiful life-size Mandalay style wood Buddha. This Buddha is depicted with intricately curled golden robes.

You can clearly see the slight curve of a smile, the Buddha’s benevolence and mirth. The right hand of the Buddha holds a Myrobalan fruit between the thumb and index fingers symbolizing the attainment of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Legend tells that the God Indra gifted the Buddha with this fruit for it’s medicinal properties. Held in the Varada Mudra this Buddha also emanates a sense of welcome, charity, giving, compassion and sincerity.

As mentioned, this healing Buddha wears an elegant royal long sleeved bodice. We see that the master carver, Ko Lay, photographed next to the Buddha, took great pleasure in revealing the delicate folds of fabric as seen in the borders of the robe decorated with intricate rolls of gold leaf.

May this beautiful healing Buddha grace your home or workplace with an aura of well being and peace.

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