(SOLD) Buddha Under Bodhi Tree Panel 14"
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    (SOLD) Buddha Under Bodhi Tree Panel 14" Item #2c172

    Materials: Hand Painted Wood

    Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

    Height: 14 inches

    Width: 48 inches

    Depth: 1.5 inches

    Weight: 13 pounds

    Statue Sold

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    This Buddha panel was carved from an antique piece of wood. In the very center of this panel Lord Buddha is seen meditating in the "earth touching gesture" during the epoch when he obtained enlightenment in Bodhgaya. Lord Buddha is surrounded by four arhats. The name arhat or arahant means 'worthy', and it is widely applied in Buddhism to those attaining nirvana. Arhats came to be viewed as the disciples who spread the doctrine after the Buddha's death and in Tibet they also assumed a major role as intermediaries who could assist the believer along the path to enlightenment, much in the manner of a bodhisattva. The concept originated in India, although representations are not found in Indian art, or in the art of two of the major cultures under Indian influence, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, where the name Arhats or Arahant signifies a spiritual practitioner that has realized the goal of nirvana, the culmination of the spiritual life.

    This panel is perfect for leaning against or hanging on a wall. The antique wood used for the panel, gives the carving an authentic, antique effect! Please note that it is an antique piece of wood and for this reason there are natural cracks in the wood. This panel is entirely hand carved and painted in rural villages in Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

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