Hand Carved Wood Balinese Ganesh Statue 21"
Close Hand Carved Wood Balinese Ganesh Statue 21"
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Hand Carved Wood Balinese Ganesh Statue 21" Item #4b37

Materials: Crocodile Wood, Zanthoxylum Rhetsa

Origin: Hand Carved in Bali, Indonesia

Height: 21 inches

Width: 20 inches

Depth: 9 inches

Weight: 12 pounds

Price: $1385

Sale Price: $1246


Lord Ganesh is seated in lalita asana on a beautifully carved lotus flower bud (padma) which sits above a lily pad covered ocean.  He has four arms which signify his divinity.  In one arms he holds an axe which symbolizes the severing of unhealthy attachments.  The other arm holds a noose or rope for removing obstacles.  His front right hand is in the abhaya mudra, the gesture of fearlessness also called the gesture of renunciation and his front left hand holds a small bowl containing sweets (rewards of a wise life).

Hi is surrounded by rats (his vehicle) and several (nagas) snakes.  The snakes represent human emotions, such as fear and pride, which we mush learn to subdue.

This is a mixed style Ganesha, the face is Balinese style while the decoration is Indian style.

Ganesh is carved out of a solid piece of crocodile wood, only a master carver is able to produce a piece with such fine details.

This Ganesh statue is entirely hand carved by the talented wood artisans of Bali, Indonesia and is undoubtedly one of a kind.

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