Large Hand Carved Wood Crown Buddha Statue 91"
Close Large Hand Carved Wood Crown Buddha Statue 91"
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Large Hand Carved Wood Crown Buddha Statue 91" Item #4b45

Materials: Hand Carved Wood

Origin: Made in Bali

Height: 91 inches, 231.14 cm

Width: 21 inches, 53.34 cm

Depth: 21 inches, 53.34 cm

Weight: 255 pounds

Price: $6700

Sale Price: $6030


4b45 description A truly marvelous piece!
Brenda, Dharma Sculpture

This beautiful Buddha statue was hand carved by a master crafstman. Lord Buddha has the distinguishing marks that designate his celestial status, such as the cranial bump (ushnisha) and the conspicuous mark in the middle of his forehead (urna). Lord Buddha is standing on a blooming double lotus throne, an emblem of purity. Lord Buddha's right hand is upright in the vitarka mudra. The vitarka mudra is the gesture of protection. It indicates communication and the explanation of the Dharma. The Buddha's left hand is granting boons to devotees. He wears detailed flowing robes and a crown. A truly marvelous piece!

Lord Buddha is neither creator or judge, but one whose example offers a path towards self-realization, a path predicated upon the believer's capacity to overcome ego and cravings. Central to the Buddha's message is the gaining of wisdom, which consists of limitless compassion for others as well as the ability to move towards the ultimate goal of freedom from suffering, craving and delusion.

This sculpture is entirely hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia. Every piece is truly unique!

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