(SOLD) Large Hand Carved Balinese Buddha Statue 82"
Close (SOLD) Large Hand Carved Balinese Buddha Statue 82"
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(SOLD) Large Hand Carved Balinese Buddha Statue 82" Item #4b46

Materials: Suar Wood or Raintree Wood, Samanea Saman

Origin: Hand Carved in Bali

Height: 82 inches

Width: 28 inches

Depth: 26 inches

Weight: 355 pounds

Statue Sold

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4b46 description "The sheer size of this piece is magnificent!
Brenda, Dharma Sculpture

A larger than life sculpture.  The pictures do not do this piece justice.  The Buddha serenely stands upon his blooming lotus flower base.  The Buddha's gossamer robes gracefully flow over his body.

Lord Buddha's right hand is upright in the vitarka mudra.  The vitarka mudra is the gesture of protection.  It indicates communication and the explanation of the Dharma.  The Buddha's left hand is granting boons to devotees.

The sculpture is carved in two pieces; the Buddha and it's base.  The base has a peg which fits into the Buddha's feet and keeps the Buddha attached.  The fine veins in the wood are apparent throughout the Buddha and its base, the gradation of color is stunning!

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, it was carved by an old artisan in Bali, Indonesia.  It took the artisan approximately 9 months to make this piece.

This sculpture is entirely hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia.  Every piece is truly unique!

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