Antique Finish Muchalinda Meditating Buddha Statue 14"
Close Antique Finish Muchalinda Meditating Buddha Statue 14"
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Antique Finish Muchalinda Meditating Buddha Statue 14" Item #4c104

Materials: Hand Painted Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

Height: 14 inches

Width: 5 inches

Depth: 2 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Price: $135

Sale Price: $121


muchalinda This carving of Shakyamuni Buddha sheltered by Muchalinda, the serpent or naga king has a serene expression. Lord Buddha is seated in meditation gesture and is shown with eyes cast downward and a slight smile alluding to his understanding of the truth about life.

Shakyamuni is shown seated in the half-lotus position upon the coils of Muchalinda, a canopy of seven fierce serpents rises up behind the Buddha. While Muchalinda is present in a number of accounts of the Buddha's life, this sculpture corresponds with an episode following Shakyamuni's attainment of nirvana. Residing in the bliss of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha was threatened by a violent storm. Stirring from his abode at the base of the tree, Muchalinda coiled himself around Shakyamuni for seven days to shield him from the raging elements of the storm. Once the storm had passed, the serpent king assumed his human form, bowed before Lord Buddha and returned to his palace. Thereafter, Muchalinda was considered the Buddha's protector and was designated by the Enlightened One as the guardian of mantras and sacred texts.

This sculpture is entirely hand-crafted and painted in rural villages in Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

About Wood Lacquering & Gilding: The artisans begin this process by sizing the wood, before applying colors made with natural pigments. The pieces can be adorned with copper or gold leaf gilding. Pieces that are glossy are sanded and polished in order to give them their glossy finish. Some pieces may be lacquered, smoothed and then varnished. 

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