(SOLD) Masterpiece Gold Plated Medicine Buddha Statue 17"
Close (SOLD) Masterpiece Gold Plated Medicine Buddha Statue 17"
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(SOLD) Masterpiece Gold Plated Medicine Buddha Statue 17" Item #6n1

Materials: 24k Gold Plated Copper

Origin: Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Sanggye Menla

Height: 17 inches

Width: 13.5 inches

Depth: 10 inches

Weight: 17 pounds

Statue Sold

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"The smiling serenity of the face and gentle modeling are absolutely breathtaking!"
Brenda, Dharma Sculpture

This lovely rendition of the Medicine Buddha is also known as Bhaisajyaguru Tathagata or the Healing Buddha.  The Medicine Buddha is seated in dhyana asana or meditative pose, also called padmasana.  In this position, the legs are crossed, closely locked with the soles of both feet visible.  Lord Buddha is wearing a distinctive monastic robe elaborately decorated with floral motifs.

In his right hand he holds a sprig of chebulic myrolaban, whose fruits are considered a panacea in both Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine.  His bowl contains three forms of healing ambrosia to cure disease, prolong lifespan and illuminate the mind.

In the lower backside of the throne a chronic sea dragon supports a white lotus symbolizing primordial purity.  On top of it rests a golden treasure vase.  Above the treasure vase, on the back of the base of the Buddha is the wheel and deer emblem.  The Buddhist emblem of a golden eight-spoked wheel (dharmachakra) flanked by two deer represents the Buddha's first discourse, which he gave in the Deer Park at Sarnath, near Varanasi.  This discourse is known as the 'first turning of the wheel of dharma', when the Buddha taught the doctrines of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path to five Indian mendicants.  As a symbol of the Buddha's teachings a gilded three-dimensional wheel and deer emblem is traditionally placed at the front of monastery and temple roofs, from here it shines as a crowning symbol of the Buddhadharma.  This emblem similarly appears over the four gateways of the divine mandala palace.

Lord Buddha is neither creator or judge, but one whose example offers a path towards self-realization, a path predicated upon the believer's capacity to overcome ego and cravings.  Central to the Buddha's message is the gaining of wisdom, which consists of limitless compassion for others as well as the ability to move towards the ultimate goal of freedom from suffering, craving and delusion.

The face of the Buddha is painted with 24k gold mixture.  The gold  is crushed into a powder and then made into a paste.  The gold paste is mixed with an organic paint mixture then used to paint the most important part of any Buddha statue; the face.

He is seated on a double lotus throne, the lotus being an emblem of purity.  The arch is decorated with conch shells; a symbol of the proclamation of the Buddha's teachings.  The conch symbolizes the truth of the Dharma.

There are 4 separate pieces to this statue: the Buddha, the bowl, the throne and the arch.

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