Antique Buddhist Bell & Dorje Set 6 1/4"
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    Antique Buddhist Bell & Dorje Set 6 1/4" Item #6n53

    Origin: Made in Nepal

    Tibetan Name: Vajra & Dril-bu

    Height: 6.25 inches, 15.87 cm

    Width: 3.5 inches, 8.89 cm

    Depth: 3.5 inches, 8.89 cm

    Weight: 1 pounds

    Price: $490

    Sale Price: $441


    This particular Bell and Dorje was handmade by Tibetans in Nepal and has been (in the past) used for special rituals. This Bell is used to call the presence of Buddha and the deities and is balanced to 'sing' harmonically at specific tones. The Dorje (lightning or thunderbolt) embodies the concept of enlightenment and the indestructible nature of Truth.

    Traditionally the Dorje is held in the right hand, and symbolizes the male principle and the clear essence of reality that is the basis of everything. The Bell symbolizes the female principle and is held in the left hand as a representation of profound wisdom. When unified in a ceremony of ritual prayer, they form a symbol of incorruptible purity that no force can destroy.

    This set was made in the time honored tradition using 7 metals, one for each planet: Gold for the Sun, Silver for the Moon, Copper for Venus, Mercury for Mercury, Iron for Mars, Tin for Jupiter and Lead for Saturn.

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