(SOLD) The Future Buddha, Maitreya Statue 13"
Close (SOLD) The Future Buddha, Maitreya Statue 13"
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(SOLD) The Future Buddha, Maitreya Statue 13" Item #6n70

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper inlaid with Semi-Precious Stones

Origin: Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Namdren Mapham

Height: 13 inches

Width: 8 inches

Depth: 5.5 inches

Weight: 6.5 pounds

Statue Sold

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Maitreya Buddha is seated on a throne.  He is shown in the Buddha posture with his hands before his heart in the dharmachakra mudra.  He holds the stem of two lotus flowers, one bearing a Chakra, representing the Wheel of the Law and the other a Kalasa or Holy Vase.

Maitreya is seated against a richly decorated torana dvara or "arch gateway" decorated with the familiar figure of Kirtimukha, a mythical animal holding snakes and two makaras, along with figures of horses and elephants.  Accompanying this are three Chaityas which adorn the top of the arch/gate.  He is dressed in clothes of royalty.  The protuberance on the top of his head denotes superb mental acuity and his long earlobes denote superb perception.

The statue is comprised of four separate pieces.  The arch is removable from the base.  Maitreya can be removed from His base and the small footrest at his feet is also detachable.

Maitreya Buddha is regarded as the Buddha who will be born in the future.  It is said that his birth will take place in the city of Ketumati ruled by Cakravartin King Sankha.  It is said that at that time human beings will live for 80,000.  It is also said that Shakyamuni Buddha, before leaving Tushita heaven, announced that Maitreya Buddha would be his successor.

It is also predicted that because of the inevitable degeneration of the times, his own teaching will last just five thousand years before disappearing from this world.  People will grow more and more immoral and their lifespan will gradually decrease, as will their health, stature and fortune.  While such delusions as depression, hatred and jealousy gain strength, the world will go through prolonged periods of famine, disease and continuous warfare until it eventually resembles a vast battlefield or graveyard.  Thereupon Maitreya will appear, not in his fully evolved Buddha form, but as a person of regal bearing, very handsome and taller than those around him.  On seeing this unusual being, people will be filled with wonder and faith and will ask how he came to have such an attractive appearance.  Maitreya will then reply, "It was through the practice of patience, avoiding giving harm to others.  If you too abide in love and tolerance, you shall also become similar to me."  Maitreya, the Future Buddha was also popular in Theraveda Buddhist countries.  His image can be found in paintings and sculptures in Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

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