(SOLD) Five Wisdom Dhyani Buddhas, Pancha Buddha Set 8 1/2"
    Close (SOLD) Five Wisdom Dhyani Buddhas, Pancha Buddha Set 8 1/2"
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    (SOLD) Five Wisdom Dhyani Buddhas, Pancha Buddha Set 8 1/2" Item #6n80

    Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

    Origin: Made in Nepal

    Height: 8.5 inches

    Width: 5.5 inches

    Depth: 4 inches

    Weight: 15 pounds

    Statue Sold

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    “Pancha Buddhas” are so popular in Nepal that before you enter many houses belonging to Buddhist people, you will notice paintings of five Buddhas above the entrance.  These Buddhas are also known as “Dhyani Buddhas” and they are all seated in the meditative posture also known as dhyana asana.

    It is said the Pancha Buddhas  emanate from the Adibuddha, the first Buddha.  They are also called Tathagata, and are a familiar sight along the roadsides in Kathmandu and Patan as they are found carved on the numerous stone chaityas (stupas).

    Typically you will see four Dhyani Buddhas represented on four sides of the stupa.  Pancha Buddhas are also depicted on mandalas.  The five Buddhas are Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi.  They each have a specific place in the stupa as well as the mandala.  Vairochana is placed at the center, Akshobhya faces east, Ratnasambhava faces south, Amitabha faces west and Amoghasiddhi faces north.

    Each one is also depicted in his own mudra (hand gesture):
    Vairochana in the dharmachakra mudra (teaching gesture or turning of the wheel of law).
    Akshobhya in the bhumisparsha mudra  (earth touching gesture).
    Ratnasambhava in the varada mudra (boon granting gesture).
    Amitabha in dhyana mudra  (meditation gesture).
    Amoghasiddhi in abhaya mudra (protection gesture).

    This set of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas is simple and elegant.  They are all seated in a single lotus base and each one is adorned with a crystal on the forehead which symbolizes a third eye, which in turn symbolizes vision into the divine world!

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