(SOLD) Golden Burmese Buddha Statue on Elephants 40"
Close (SOLD) Golden Burmese Buddha Statue on Elephants 40"
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(SOLD) Golden Burmese Buddha Statue on Elephants 40" Item #1mw22

Materials: Teak Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Myanmar (Burma)

Height: 40 inches

Width: 16 inches

Depth: 15 inches

Weight: 58 pounds

Statue Sold

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This serene golden Burmese Buddha statue is seated in padmasana with the left hand resting on his lap and right hand extending over the knee in the bhumisparsa mudra. Lord Buddha's erectly held head, framed by large curved ears and tall ushnisha, surmounted by a water drop shaped finial, has the sharply chiseled features and downcast eyes associated with late Ava period figures. The Buddha is seated on a scalloped lotus leaf that resets on a magnificent throne formed by the broad shoulders of a trio of caparisoned elephants (gajasana).

Elephant imagery appears in Myanmar (Burma) in both foreign and local contexts. In Indian literature elephants have been associated with rain, abundance, fertility, boldness, strength, and sagacity. A triple headed elephant (Airavata) is the mount of the Hindu god Indra, a god appoinetd in Buddhism to become, Sakka the chief deity of the Tavatimsa Heaven. A number of jataka stories feature elephants in major roles. The Buddha entered his mother’s womb in the form of an elephant.  In South and Southeast Asia elephants have traditionally served as the mounts of kings, and the possession of numerous elephants is one of the prerequisites of a universal monarch. White elephants are considered sacred and are regarded as emblems of power and prosperity by Buddhist monarchs, and in Myanmar in particular the desire to acquire a rival’s white elephants historically has been a factor in a king’s decision to go to war.

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of Myanmar (Burma). Every piece is truly unique!

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