(SOLD) Cambodian Apsara Statue 32"
Close (SOLD) Cambodian Apsara Statue 32"
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(SOLD) Cambodian Apsara Statue 32" Item #2c167

Materials: Hand Painted Wood

Origin: Hand Carved in Cambodia

Height: 32 inches

Width: 11 inches

Depth: 4 inches

Weight: 13 pounds

Statue Sold

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Apsaras are female spirits of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Legend tells us that the Apsara women were born from the Ocean of Milk, brought from the water by the gods of serpents and demons. The incredible beauty and gracefulness of the Apsaras were the downfall of both men and gods. They lived in the temples and would perform elaborate rituals and rites at night. Apsara statues represent beauty, strength, grace and power and have been associated with fertility and strength. At the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, there are over 1,800 depictions of dancing Apsaras with jewelry, floral garlands and elaborate headdresses.

This wood statue embodies all of the wonderful aspects of these engravings.

These heavenly beings are not worshiped as Buddhist divinities; rather their function is to protect Buddhist law by serving the Deva.

This sculpture is entirely hand-crafted and painted in rural villages in Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

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