(SOLD) Dharmachakra Mudra Wood Buddha Statue 43"
Close (SOLD) Dharmachakra Mudra Wood Buddha Statue 43"
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(SOLD) Dharmachakra Mudra Wood Buddha Statue 43" Item #4b41

Materials: Suar Wood or Raintree Wood, Samanea Saman

Origin: Hand Carved in Bali

Height: 41 inches, 104.14 cm

Width: 14 inches, 35.56 cm

Depth: 10 inches, 25.4 cm

Weight: 39 pounds

Statue Sold

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Lord Buddha's hands are in the dharmachakra mudra. This is the gesture of teaching. Dharma means 'law' and chakra means 'wheel' and is usually interpreted as turning the Wheel of Law. This was the hand gesture exhibited by Lord Buddha while preaching his first sermon after his Enlightenment in the Deer Park at Sarnath, near Varanasi.

This discourse is known as the 'first turning of the wheel of dharma', when the Buddha taught the doctrines of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Noble Path to five Indian mendicants.

The sculpture pictured is the only sculpture Dharma Sculpture has like this in our gallery.  When you order this piece you will receive this exact sculpture. This one of a kind Buddha statue is hand carved by the very talented artists of Bali, Indonesia!

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