(SOLD) Large Hand Carved Parinirvana Wood Buddha Statue 82"
Close (SOLD) Large Hand Carved Parinirvana Wood Buddha Statue 82"
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(SOLD) Large Hand Carved Parinirvana Wood Buddha Statue 82" Item #4b43

Materials: Suar Wood or Raintree Wood, Samanea Saman

Origin: Hand Carved in Bali

Height: 27.5 inches

Width: 82 inches

Depth: 18 inches

Weight: 263 pounds

Statue Sold

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4b43 description This beautiful reclining Buddha statue is hand carved from one piece of suar wood.  It is very rare to find such a large piece of wood in which an artist is able to carve one solid 85 inch reclining Buddha statue.

This Buddha sculpture is shown in Parinirvana.  In Buddhism, Parinirvana is the final nirvana, usually within reach only upon the death of the body of someone who has attained complete awakening or bodhi.  It is the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice and implies a release from the cycle of deaths and rebirths as well as the dissolution of all worldly physical and mental aggregates or skandhas (perception or consciousness).

Lord Buddha is shown resting peacefully.  His eyes and face have a serene demeanor showing Siddhartha at ease with passing from this world escaping from the cycle of samsara.

This sculpture is entirely hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia.  Every piece is truly unique!

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