(SOLD) Large Standing Wooden Buddha Statue 67"
Close (SOLD) Large Standing Wooden Buddha Statue 67"
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(SOLD) Large Standing Wooden Buddha Statue 67" Item #5b1

Materials: Suar Wood or Raintree Wood, Samanea Saman

Origin: Hand Carved in Bali

Height: 67 inches, 170.18 cms

Width: 20 inches, 50.8 cms

Depth: 20 inches, 50.8 cms

Weight: 120 pounds

Statue Sold

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This beautifully serene hand carved Balinese wood Buddha stands on an intricately carved three-tiered lotus base. Lord Buddha's right hand is raised in the abhaya mudra also known as the gesture of protection. In his left hand he holds a small vessel which in both Buddhism and Hinduism alike is said to contain amrita, the divine nectar of the gods which was also believed to have healing properties. The small hand held vessel in this statue is removable (it comes with 2) and you may place a flower there instead.

This Buddha is carved from the trunk of a rain-tree. The natural gradation of the wood from dark to light color throughout this piece is stunning! Only master artisans are experienced enough to carve full tree carvings. The artist must have a very keen eye in order to see the contour and shape of the tree and bring life to it. The back of this sculpture is also fully carved. This sculpture was entirely hand carved in Bali, Indonesia. Every piece is truly unique!

Note: Shipping for this particular piece is calculated from our warehouse in Oceanside, California after purchase. Please call or email [email protected] for a shipping quote. If you place your order online, shipping will appear as $0. The shipping will be calculated based on the weight of the sculpture and the distance from our warehouse in Oceanside, California to its final destination. The shipping will the be added to the total after the order is placed and we will send you a new invoice.

This statue is too heavy to ship using UPS so we must ship the sculpture using a freight service. To help ease the burden, since freight shipping is quite expensive, we will discount the freight shipping charges by 20%. To further help bring down your cost, we will not charge you for the wood crating and packing the sculpture.

It will take us 1-2 days to pack the sculpture and then the freight company takes anywhere from 1-6 days to deliver the sculpture to you depending on how far away you are from Oceanside, California.

The delivery charges include insurance, a residential lift gate delivery to your home or business. The freight company will call you to schedule a delivery date and time frame that is convenient for you in order to make the delivery. Someone must be present to receive and sign for the statue. Depending on where you are located we will use either R&L Carriers or Roadrunner Transport.

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