(SOLD) Dhyana Mudra Meditating Buddha Statue 6.5"
Close (SOLD) Dhyana Mudra Meditating Buddha Statue 6.5"
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(SOLD) Dhyana Mudra Meditating Buddha Statue 6.5" Item #9cc19

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

Height: 6.5 inches, 16.51 cm

Width: 5 inches, 12.7 cm

Depth: 3.5 inches, 8.89 cm

Weight: 3 pounds

Statue Sold

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NOTE: This statue will ship from our showroom in Patan, Nepal. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

"One immediately sees that this piece is hand made by the deep carvings that comprise the robes of the Buddha. It is not possible for mass produced pieces to have the distinct carvings like the one this beautiful copper Buddha is decorated with."
Brenda, Dharma Sculpture

On the front of the Buddha's base is a carving of Siddhartha Gautama as a child. On the backside of the Buddha's robe you find two of the eight auspicious symbols; a treasure vase or kalasha, the 'vase of inexhaustible treasures' and a dharmachakra which represents the wheel of the law that turns twelve times or three revolutions for each of the four noble truths. It is represented with eight spokes indicating the Eightfold Noble Path of the Buddha.

On the lower back of the base you find a Buddha in Parinirvana. In Buddhism, Parinirvana is the final nirvana, usually within reach only upon the death of the body of someone who has attained complete awakening or bodhi. It is the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice and implies a release from the cycle of deaths and rebirths as well as the dissolution of all worldly physical and mental aggregates or skandhas (perception or consciousness). You aso find a Buddha seated on a double lotus base in the protection gesture also known as abhaya mudra.

The base of the Buddha is sealed with a double vajra or dorje symbolizing the impenetrable, imperishable, immovable, immutable, indivisible and indestructible state of absolute reality which is the enlightenment of Buddhahood.

Lord Buddha's hands are in dhyana mudra, the gesture of meditation or concentration. In this gesture, the right hand always rests over the left hand. This symbolizes that the perfections of method (right hand) are supported by the perfection of wisdom (left hand).

This sculpture is a one of a kind statue, handcrafted by the very talented artists of the beautiful Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

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