Gold Plated Copper Ratnasambhava Statue 16"
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    Gold Plated Copper Ratnasambhava Statue 16" Item #2n4

    Materials: Lost Wax Method, Gold Plated Copper, Made in Nepal

    Tibetan Name: Shakya Tubpa

    Height: 16 inches

    Width: 7 inches

    Depth: 7 inches

    Price: $5450

    Sale Price: $4905


    Here Ratnasambhava Buddha is seated surrounded by an elaborate aureole that is enhanced by a setting of golden splendour. Formal in appearance, Lord Buddha gazes forward with partially closed eyes. His earlobes are long and pierced. His right arm bare with the hand extended over the knee in the varada mudra, the left performs the mudra of meditation with the palm facing upward on his lap. His legs are folded in dhyana asana and he is seated on a beautiful golden lotus throne. On the top part of the arch you will find a small figure of Amitabha Buddha, the most ancient Buddha among the Dhyani Buddhas.



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