(SOLD) Large Kubera Statue, God of Wealth 12”
Close (SOLD) Large Kubera Statue, God of Wealth 12”
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(SOLD) Large Kubera Statue, God of Wealth 12” Item #3n3

Materials: Copper with inlays of Coral & Turquoise

Origin: Lost Wax Method, Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Nam Thos Re

Height: 12 inches, 30.48 cm

Width: 11 inches, 27.94 cm

Depth: 6 inches, 15.24 cm

Weight: 13 pounds

Statue Sold

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Kubera also known as Jambhala is the chief of demons of the lower world. His abode is in the grove of Chitraratha on Mandara, one of the spurs of Meru. He is the guardian of the north as well as all of the treasures of the earth and of nine particular treasures or nidhis.

In many Tibetan and Nepalese sculptures such as this one, the deity is shown as a plump figure wearing a crown, ribbons and jewelry, and holding a mongoose, representing his victory over the nagas (snake deities), who symbolize greed. As God of Wealth, Kubera squeezes the mongoose and causes the creature to spew out jewels.

In ancient times, even in Buddhist monasteries and Jain shrines, Kubera images were placed for good luck and prosperity. Scholars are convinced that the notion of the pot-bellied elephant-headed Ganesha has its origin in ancient Yaksha-worship. Touching the large belly of the Yaksha was supposed to be lucky. The laughing Buddha image from Zen Buddhism is closely associated with the Yaksha-murtis of Hinduism. Yakhas are very similar to the dwarves of the Viking mythology and goblins of Irish mythology. Essentially they were earthly creatures, feared for their form, but sought for their treasures.

This lost wax method copper sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand cast by the very talented artists of the beautiful country of Nepal. Every piece is truly unique!

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