Copper Vajra, Thunderbolt Destroyer of Ignorance 8"
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    Copper Vajra, Thunderbolt Destroyer of Ignorance 8" Item #6n55

    Materials: Copper inlaid with Turquoise and Coral

    Origin: Made in Nepal

    Tibetan Name: Dorje

    Width: 8 inches

    Depth: 2.25 inches

    Weight: 1 pounds

    Price: $295

    Sale Price: $265


    The Vajra is composed of several parts:  In the center is a sphere which represents Sunyata, the primordial nature of the universe, the underlying unity of all things.

    Emerging from the sphere are two lotus flowers.  One represents the phenomenal world (or in Buddhist terms Samsara), the other represents the noumenal world (or Nirvana).  This is one of the fundamental dichotomies which are perceived by the unenlightened.

    The five pronged vajra as seen here, is the most commonly seen vajra.  There is an elaborate system of correspondences between the five elements of the noumenal side of the vajra, and the phenomenal side.  One important correspondence is between the five 'poisons' with the five wisdoms.  The five poisons are the mental states that obscure the original purity of a beings mind, while the five wisdoms are the five most important aspects of the enlightened mind.   Each of the five wisdoms is also associated with a Buddha figure.

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