Dakini Yogini Tantric Buddhist Statue 13"
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Dakini Yogini Tantric Buddhist Statue 13" Item #6n71

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper inlaid with Turquoise and Coral

Origin: Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Dorje Pakmo

Height: 13 inches

Width: 9 inches

Depth: 3 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Price: $2145

Sale Price: $1930


The goddess dances with her right foot raised, holding a skull cup in her left hand, her right hand brandishing a curved knife (kartrika).  A sow’s head (varahi), her eponymous attribute, protrudes from the top of her head.  She is naked but for thin bone jewelry.  A garland of severed heads hangs from her neck, an arch of delicate flames forms her halo.  She wears a five-skull crown.  These five skulls symbolize the first five perfections attainable on the Vajrayana path which are: generosity, discipline, patience, effort and meditative concentration.

She has three eyes, symbolizing her ability to see past, present and future simultaneously.  In her left hand, she holds a skull cup filled with swirling brains and entails of the enemies of the Dharma and in her right hand is the kartri, a curved flaying knife, the instrument used to annihilate these enemies.

The arch of this piece is decorated with conch shells; a symbol of the proclamation of the Buddha's teachings.  The conch symbolizes the truth of the Dharma.

There are 3 separate pieces to this statue: the Yogini, the lotus base and the arch.  It is inlaid with coral and turquoise stones.

Vajrayogini, Vajravarahi or Bijeshvari Devi ranks first and most important among the dakini.  She is a Vajrayana Buddhist meditation deity and as such she is considered the female Buddha.  Vajrayogini is a key figure in the advanced Tibetan Buddhist practice of Chöd where she appears in her Kalika or Vajravarahi forms.  Her consort is Chakrasamvara.

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