(SOLD) Saptalocana, White Tara Statue 9”
Close (SOLD) Saptalocana, White Tara Statue 9”
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(SOLD) Saptalocana, White Tara Statue 9” Item #7n15

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Sgrol-dkar

Height: 9 inches

Width: 5.5 inches

Depth: 3.5 inches

Weight: 12 pounds

Statue Sold

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In her white form, Tara confers longevity and fulfills earthly desires through the activities of pacifying, increasing and subjugating.  In her left hand she hold a lotus, a symbol of the mind's innate purity.  Her right hand is stretched outward in the boon-granting gesture (varada mudra).  On both palms, as well as on the soles of her feet, are eyes of transcendent wisdom, symbolizing that all her activities are conducted with complete awareness.  The inverted eye on her forehead indicates her enlightened vision.

If we see through to Tara's essence, she frees us from self-serving thoughts and encourages us to act selflessly and wisely for the benefit of all beings; the surest prescription for a long and fulfilling life.

This Tara statue is inlaid with turquoise and coral.  The base of the piece is sealed with a double vajra symbolizing the balance of the four elements and harmony of the four directions.

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