God of Wealth, Kubera Statue 5”
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    God of Wealth, Kubera Statue 5” Item #7n20

    Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

    Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

    Tibetan Name: Nam Thos Re Rinpoche

    Height: 5 inches

    Width: 3.75 inches

    Depth: 2.5 inches

    Weight: 10 pounds

    Price: $575

    Sale Price: $517


    Jambhala is also known as Kubera, the God of Wealth. In his right hand he holds a conch shell which is an offering vessel and in his left hand, a mongoose which vomits wish-granting jewels. In front of the mongoose lies a vase with jewels spilling over. He is dressed in flowing garments and snakes and wears a diadem. Kubera is the lord of Yaksas and Guhyakas "wielder of wisdom". He is seated on a throne decorated with a single row of lotus flowers. Kubera is especially called on to grant wealth and prosperity.

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