White Mahakala Protector Statue 8”
Close White Mahakala Protector Statue 8”
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White Mahakala Protector Statue 8” Item #7n35

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Gompo Phyag Drugpa

Height: 8 inches

Width: 6 inches

Depth: 3 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Price: $1105

Sale Price: $994


The six armed White Mahakala is known as the Wish Granting Mahakala and is very popular with the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism. This is the wealth aspect of Mahakala which specifically supports the comfort and economic well being of tantric practitioners. His iconography is rich in symbols delineating his wealth deity status. For example his skull bowl, rather than contain the mortal remains of his victims, is full of various jewels and his crown is made up of five jewels instead of the trademark five skulls.

The following description is according to his sadhana (spiritual practice):
1. His body is white. His face is wrathful and he has three eyes. His main right hand holds a wish fulfilling jewel (chintamani) mounted on a jewel tipped handle in front of his chest.
2. The other notable departure from the normal Mahakala iconography is the elephant goad held in the center left hand, the sharp point of which symbolizes penetrating awareness.
3. Also, in contrast to other Mahakalas, he stands on two elephants rather than one This is symbolic of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu God known as the remover of obstacles, thus representing the overcoming of obstacles.

Another interesting aspect of White Mahakala is that he is occasionally shown in the tribhanga posture. In this typical stance of the body, the head, torso, and legs slant in contrary directions. The legs and hips shift to the right, the torso to the left, and the neck and head then again gently to the right. It is a lyrical, dreamy, very graceful pose. The three curves formed by the body symbolize the three worlds, upper, lower and middle, better known in Sanskrit as triloka. This is also popularly known as the posture of three bends. White Mahakala is popular for both mundane as well as spiritual reasons, ranging from the basic desire for wealth and prosperity to the ultimate attainment of the precious jewel, which is none other than the Buddhist Dharma.

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