Tibetan Bhaisajya Guru, Medicine Buddha Statue 12"
Close Tibetan Bhaisajya Guru, Medicine Buddha Statue 12"
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Tibetan Bhaisajya Guru, Medicine Buddha Statue 12" Item #7n65

Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper

Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

Tibetan Name: Sanggye Menla

Height: 12 inches

Width: 9 inches

Depth: 7 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

Price: $1145

Sale Price: $1030


The Medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaisajya Guru Tathagata or the Master of Remedies is seated in dhyana asana or meditative pose. Lord Buddha is wearing a beautifully carved monastic robe which is decorated with the eight auspicious symbols: the parasol, the golden fish, the treasure vase, the lotus, the conch shell, the endless knot, the victory banner and the wheel. You will find 4 located in the front of the robe and the other 4 in the back.

He is seated on a lotus pedestal which is arranged in a double row (also known as viswapadmasana).

In his right hand he holds a sprig of chebulic myrolaban, whose fruits are considered a panacea in both Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine. His bowl contains three forms of healing ambrosia to cure disease, prolong lifespan and illuminate the mind.

The base of the piece is sealed with a double vajra symbolizing the balance of the four elements and harmony of the four directions.

This sculpture was handcrafted by the very talented artists of Nepal.

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