Gold Plated Dakini Vajrayogini Statue 16.5"
Close Gold Plated Dakini Vajrayogini Statue 16.5"
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Gold Plated Dakini Vajrayogini Statue 16.5" Item #9n19

Materials: Lost Wax Method, 24k Gold Plated, Hand Painted Copper

Origin: Hand Made in Nepal

Height: 16.5 inches, 41.91 cm

Width: 12 inches, 30.48 cm

Depth: 5 inches, 12.7 cm

Weight: 13 pounds

Price: $2800

Sale Price: $2520


NOTE: This statue will ship from our showroom in Patan, Nepal. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Vajrayogini's body is ablaze with the heat of yogic fire surrounded by the flames of wisdom. She has three eyes, symbolizing her ability to see past, present and future simultaneously. In her left hand, she holds a skull cup filled with swirling brains and entails of the enemies of the Dharma and in her right hand is the kartri, a curved flaying knife, the intrument used to annihilate these enemies. She wears a garland of 50 human skulls and wears a five-skull crown. These five skulls symbolize the first five perfections attainable on the Vajrayana path which are: generosity, discipline, patience, effort and meditative concentration. She is adorned with six kinds of ornaments, as is usually the case with tantric divinities symbolizing their perfection in the six paramitas. A Khatvanga staff is seen passing through her shoulder representing her consort Heruka Chakrasamvara. Her long disheveled hair flows downward against the flame filled background symbolizing her unchanging nature as dharmakaya and she gazes upwards toward Kechara paradise. Her breasts are full with nipples erect, symbolizing the arousal of desire and indicating Vajrayogini helps those with strong passion to transform it into the realization of great bliss. She has a single face because she embodies non-dual wisdom beyond conventional distinctions of good and evil.  She is naked because she is unconditioned by discursive thoughts. Vajrayogini's two feet tread upon the bodies of Kalaratri and Bhairava.

Vajrayogini, Vajravarahi or Bijeshvari Devi ranks first and most important among the dakini. She is a Vajrayana Buddhist meditation deity and as such she is considered the female Buddha. Vajrayogini is a key figure in the advanced Tibetan Buddhist practice of Chöd where she appears in her Kalika or Vajravarahi forms. Her consort is Chakrasamvara.

This lost wax method, 24k gold plated copper sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand cast by the very talented artists of the beautiful country of Nepal. Every piece is truly unique!

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