Buddhist Pilgrimage: Lumbini, Excerpt

After another day of visiting Lumbini we returned to our hotel. This part of this blog entry is not related to the Buddhist Pilgrimage but my dear friend Sanam, he is a calm and gentle sage who is wise beyond his years and actually signed up to go on this journey with me.

When we arrived in Lumbini, a few days ago, we found this sweet but sick little puppy. He was all alone, had mange, was cold and had no food. Sanam made him a little brick house with straw and newspaper. We then got some warm milk and bread and cared for him daily. This evening the puppy was no longer eating. At first he seemed to be doing better but sadly he did not make it.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Sanam cut his head scarf and wrapped part of it around the little puppy to keep him warm. He also made a small sign written in both English and Nepalese that read “feed me I’m a puppy and I’m homeless”. There are guesthouses all around so he did this in the hopes that others would care for him after we left.

It made me so very sad to say the least. Sanam said, “at least his departure will be a comfortable one”, and it was. He was warm, cared for and loved.

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