Tara, Beloved Figure of Compassion

Tibetan Shrivatsa Green Tara Buddhist Statue 14″

Tibetan Vishvavajra Green Tara Statue 14″

Tibetan Kalasa Tara Buddhist Statue 14″

Ratna Tara Tibetan Buddhist Statue 14″

Triratna Tara Tibetan Buddhist Statue 14″

Wrathful Tara Tibetan Buddhist Statue 13″

In the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism, Tara is a beloved figure of compassion.  Her wrathful energy is understood to serve others and to cut through to truth, in this form she is a protector and uses her energy wisely.  Tara is one of the few female figures of divinity that shows a full range of expression, each of these statues have a specific expression and meaning.  Tara’s kindness is powerful and direct, she teaches us to appreciate our emotions and channel our passions as devotion to others.

These Tara sculptures with the beautiful intricately carved crowns are part of a set of 21 Taras of which we only have 6 left, these are the last remaining statues from our previous shipment.  Our new shipment has just cleared customs and we are very excited to bring these new acquisitions to you.  This is our best procurement of statues to date!

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