Cambodian Buddhas in Dhyana Mudra

Newly added colorful and vibrant hand carved and hand painted Cambodian Buddhas! These beautiful wood Buddha statues are seated in dhyana asana, the meditative pose also called padmasana. Their hands are in dhyana mudra which is the mudra of meditation. It is also called samadhi or yoga mudra.

Tibetan Mani, Buddhist Prayer Wheel, 9.5″

2 Tibetan Prayer Wheel

This prayer wheel is decorated with beautiful shades of fiery red and turquoise. The cylinder contains a tightly wound scroll with the sacred text printed on paper. The text is a sutra or invocation to Avalokiteshvara. The syllables Om Mani Padme Hum are carved outside the wheel in Tibetan. Prayer wheels are used primarily by the Buddhists of Tibet and Nepal, where hand held prayer wheels are carried by pilgrims and other devotees and turned during devotional activities. This prayer wheel is handmade in Nepal and is excellent addition to your Buddhist accessories or as a gift for anyone who practices meditation. It is both a spiritual tool and work of art!

Green Tara Statue, Tibetan Dolma, 9″

Tibetan Dolma, Green Tara Statue 9"

Green Tara embodies the Earth element. She is a powerful goddess, a bodhisattva in female form who helps us to overcome both material and spiritual obstacles.

This beautiful statue embodies Green Tara’s deep visceral connection to the Mother Earth. Here she is seated in the pose of ease (lalita asana), her right hand is shown in varada mudra (boon-granting gesture) because she is quick to respond to the petitions of those who seek her aid. Both her right and left hands gracefully hold full blooming lotuses. Lotuses are symbols of purity and spontaneous generation and hence symbolize divine birth. This piece is an exceptional find, a goddess in the simplicity of her power and radiance!

This statue is made of copper and is inlaid with coral and turquoise. Her ankle length dhoti is engraved with floral motifs. She sits on a single lotus base with broad petals. Located on the lower backside of the statue you will find an engraved wheel and deer emblem representing the natural harmony and fearlessness of the deity’s pure realm.

This sculpture was handcrafted in Patan, Nepal by master artisans of the Shakya clan who are considered among the best in the world. These craftsmen are the modern heirs to a centuries-old tradition of creating sacred art for use in temples and monasteries. The fine metalworking techniques have been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times.

This sculpture was handcrafted by the very talented artists of Nepal.

Tibetan Buddhist Sage, Milarepa Statue 6″

tibetan buddhist milarepa

Milarepa is held in the highest esteem by all Tibetans as the archetypal yogi. His heroic quest for knowledge is legendary. He is renowned for his ecstatic verse and in this image, his parted lips suggest the singing of songs for which he is famed throughout Tibet. His left hand is held up towards his ear, often interpreted as the gesture of listening to the songs of nature or the teachings of the masters. His half-closed eyes suggest a state of reverie. He wears large hoop earrings and a meditation strap over his right shoulder passing beneath his cloak. He is seated on an antelope skin draped over the base of the statue.

Mandalay Style Burmese Buddha Statue, 35″

mandalay burmese style buddha

The torso of this beautiful Buddha is completely enveloped in an elaborately draped capelike outer robe (uttarasanga) that terminates around the hemlines in cascades of flaring overlapping folds finished with bands of raised lacquer scrolling inlaid with mirror and glass mosaic. The shoulder cloth (sanghati) is similarly decorated. Monks in Myanmar (Burma) wear their robes in this covered mode when going outside the monastery on the morning alms rounds and to other events. His hands are in a variant of the varada mudra, a gesture of benevolence. The right hand of the Buddha holds the myrobalan fruit (terminalia chebula), suggestive of the physical and spiritual healing powers of the Buddha.

This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of Myanmar (Burma). Every piece is truly unique!

Soapstone Buddha Statue in Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya Mudra Soapstone Buddha

This hand carved soapstone Buddha has a distinct Cambodian style. Lord Buddha is in the abhaya mudra also known as the protection gesture and is seated on a double lotus throne. He is depicted with heavy eyelids that evoke a mood of introspection and detachment, enhanced by the hint of a smile on the full lips. The distended earlobes, a legacy of Prince Siddhartha’s discarding his heavy gold jewelry further indicates the Buddha’s enlightened status. A simple yet elegant carving. There are two parts to this piece (which are attached), the Buddha and its double row lotus base. It is unpolished and thus has a matte finish.
This wood sculpture is a one of a kind statue, hand carved by the very talented artists of Cambodia. Every piece is truly unique!

Large Balinese Buddha Statues in Sharanagamana Mudra

Large Balinese Buddha

With blessings of loving kindness, we have sourced two magnificent Balinese Buddha statues, both carved from a solid piece of wood by the same artist. The muted colors of these pieces are absolutely stunning. Both of the Buddhas are depicted in sharanagamana mudra, also known as the gesture of giving refuge and protection. The circle made with the fingers symbolizes the taking of refuge as the union of method and wisdom, and the three extended fingers represent the Three Jewels of the Buddha, dharma and sangha as the objects of refuge.